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May the Sales Be with You

We are on a mission to apply our knowledge and help businesses succeed in the consumer products industry.  

Our Team Values

Meet the Leadership Team


Petrie Hahn

Millennium Pilot

Petrie has a proven record in launching consumer products, managing all phases of the product development process including designing, developing, manufacturing and merchandising products for a variety of sales channels.


Iris Solomon

Sales Trooper

With more than 20 years in the toy, juvenile, gift & education industries, Iris is an experienced sales leader who can build relationships, coordinate,

communicate and collaborate with any team or buyer. “Plan the dive, dive the plan and always be prepared!”


Debby Williamson

Starbase Manager

Debbie is a natural leader, specializing in excellent customer service, rep management and team

building. She believes integrity and communication are the key to strengthen relationships and increase sales.


Sam Hahn

Mission Coordinator

An experienced manufacturer who has managed global supply chains including international distributors, compliance, product safety testing, production auditing, importing logistics and key account sales.

Tucker & Zoey

Zoey (princess) is a German Shepherd Mix who likes long walks on the beach, chasing birds and finding sand dollars. Tucker, our handsome lapdog (an 85 lb German Shepherd) is very talkative and enjoys telling everyone stories about his adventures.


Birdy is a sweet girl that loves to cuddle. How can you resist those puppy dog eyes!?

Nya Rose

A true mountain dog, living on 5 acres in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. She's a ‘Malamutt’ (Malamute, Retriever, Husky mix) – always ready for adventure and meeting many wildlife friends along the way.


Austrian Cobber dog, Lucky loves to get hugs and kisses from everyone. He does bark at any light in front of the house and barks during zoom meetings but we still give him lots of hugs. 

Our Mission

Creating a product is only half the battle. Getting it to consumers is a complex process requiring skills, experience and relationships the typical entrepreneur doesn’t have. We do.


The mission of Hahn/Solo Consulting is to help you build a viable business around the products you’ve created. We have assembled a team of experienced professionals who have developed a network of manufacturers, retailers, sales reps, and other contacts who help our clients increase their visibility, refine their production, and maximize their profitability.

We'll do an initial deep dive into your business, evaluate the opportunities, present a custom 'Road Map' and then help you implement and execute the plan from start to finish. 

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