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“Time Together, Last Forever”  Whimsical, character-driven early learning wooden puzzles, books & toys that focus on all key levels of learning through stories about adventures and friendship. All products designed in Germany using high-quality FSC-certified rubber wood.

What we did:

  • B2B Launch Planning

  • Forecasting

  • Project Management

  • Sales Strategy


  • Build a network of 100+ reps

  • Developed and implemented U.S. store test program

  • Placed Products in over 150+ locations in the first six months

  • Designed and implemented sales collateral

  • Key Sales: Barnes & Noble, Hallmark, TGTG, SWBG and Palmer

  • Set up MAPP program

  • Set up 3PL and U.S. customer service operations

  • Trade show recommendations and management

"Within six months of partnering with Hahn/Solo, Bababoo & Friends had products placed in over 150 stores."
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